Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


March 20, 2004

Jean Will hosted the Great Plains Heisey Club for its first meeting of 2004 at her home in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Twenty members and two guests (who later joined the club) attended.  The meeting started with some great Kansas City barbeque, so when President John Mock called the meeting to order at 2:00 all attendees were subdued and full.

The minutes were approved as they were posted on the website.  The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.  Dues for 2004 are due now, so members paid Tom at the meeting.  Tom will send out notices to those who were not at the meeting.

An “election” or “drafting” of officers was held for 2004.  John Mock will remain president, Mary Cameron, secretary and Tom Files, treasurer.  The ballot was unanimous.

Mary distributed “show cards” for the 33rd Annual Heisey Premiere Glass Show and Convention in Newark.  The Great Plains Club has many members who will be attending the convention.

Mary also distributed the sample copies of the “Heisey Glass Museum Activity Book.”  Members thought this was really good idea and it was suggested to order them for grandchildren. 

Members discussed donating a centerpiece for the Centerpiece Auction at convention. Last year, the club donated money instead.  It was decided that Kathy, Trudy and Bucky will work on this and we will donate a centerpiece.  Mary will let Terry Maxwell know that we will be bringing one to the convention.

Members also discussed participating in the Silent Auction.  Tom and Kathy Files will find something to donate in the name of the Great Plains Club for the auction.  The club will donate something worth $150.00.  Mary will let Elaine Husted know we are participating.

Mary also shared with the members the plans for the “Family Treasures” display in case any members were interested in participating.

Tom Files distributed a contest.  He chose 10 items from the 1100 lots scheduled to be auctioned at the all-Heisey benefit auction.  Club members were supposed to guest the amount that each item will sell for at the auction.  The winner will receive a prize at our next meeting in May.

Bucky Will did the program on the Pillows pattern.  She has 38 different Pillows items that she displayed.  She gave details about the pattern such as the beveled sides and items that were made in rose.  She had a great collection to exhibit.