Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


March 18, 2017

The “Luck of the Irish” held out on March 18, 2017, for our first Great Plains Heisey Club meeting of 2017.  We were scheduled for March 11 but Midwest weather caused travel fears.  Our hosts, Mary and Gregg Cameron, were very gracious to accommodate us a week after the original plan.  Milt and Rose Piontkowski and Bev and Bob Heise (in absentia) stepped forward and shared hosting duties.  Thanks to all who provided a great St. Patrick's day theme meal, delicious desserts, and green Irish beads for a day when everybody was Irish.

Eighteen members and 1 guest from Hutchinson, KS were present when President John Mock called the meeting to order.  Officers for 2017 were officially elected after being nominated last Fall.  Consistency prevails:  President, John Mock; Treasurer, Tom Files; Secretary, Kathy Files will be continuing in their positions (so far no implications of Russian interference have been detected in our election).  Eric Tankesley-Clarke will continue as our Program Director and Trudy Mock will carry on with her “Martha's Moments”.  It was noted our Club now has 40 members.

The Camerons have agreed to take on a project at the HCA's newly completed Library.  Thank you Gregg and Mary, two very qualified workers to do this job!

Ande Henne updated us about our Club's meeting and participation at the National Depression Glass Convention in July in Wellington, KS.  Members of our Club will staff a HCA information table and display some beautiful Heisey glass.

Trudy's “Martha's Moment” (see photo) was a great suggestion to use Heisey covered butters filled with Easter creatures, then placed on a plate stand as the centerpiece.  She also had Easter candies in Heisey bowls that were nearly eaten before her presentation.  We're that kind of group!

Eric's program on Heisey stem styles and associated names provided a great array of stemware supplied by Eric, Mary, and Bucky Will.  Bucky's Empress etched stems in Flamingo were beautifully surrounded by some crystal pieces – some common and some rare.  A most informative handout gave photos, text, and sizes for reference.  Thanks to Eric and those who helped – a 'Yeoman's' job!

Show and Tell revealed many winter finds and some members brought recent thrift store bargains.  The latter group included:  Plain Band cake salver, pair of Thumbprint and Panel candlesticks, Paneled Cane footed jelly, Kalonyal burgundy stem, and a marked sow from a Newark, OH thrift store (or the big pig that ran away from home as it was named by the owners).  Some other goodies on display were:  Winged Scroll pickle tray and salt & pepper in Ivorina Verde, Stanhope celery tray with red knobs and Maytime etching, Charter Oak footed comport with extensive silver overlay, Gallagher jug with cutting and cover, Half Circle cream & sugar/Sahara, Peerless butter cover with mark and patent date inside top, Prism marmalade and a Prism look-a-like marmalade, Medium Flat Panel jug with elaborate cutting and hammered silver trim, Horseshoe cream & sugar with Moongleam handles, 516/1 vase/Flamingo, and a 516/2 vase/Hawthorne.

Our 50/50 auction was held with pleased buyers helping our treasury.  Jean's jam and jellies were sold to lucky buyers for future dining pleasure.  

Thanks you to Bob and Bev Heise for filling our raffle box with wonderful pieces of Sahara Heisey.  The Luck of the Irish winner was Jean “O'Will” who then offered the beautiful pieces for auction –resulting in additional enhancement to our treasury balance.  After this meeting, our treasury balance is almost $3,500.  So generous, our GPHC members always give and then give more!  The meeting was adjourned to enjoy some wonderful green for the Irish desserts provided by hosts and co-hosts.

Our next GPHC meeting will be at the home of Marcie and Eric Bergquist in Omaha on May 13, 2017.