Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


March 10, 2007

The first meeting of 2007 for the Great Plains Heisey Club enjoyed an excellent turn out.  Due to a last minute scheduling conflict, John and Trudy Mock were unable to host the meeting as planned.  Fortunately, Pat and Rex Lucke generously offered to host the meeting and everyone enjoyed seeing the beautiful pieces regularly on display in their home. After a light lunch and discussion of the unseasonably fine weather the meeting began at 1:30.

President Bucky Will called the meeting to order.  The first report was a recap of the Percy and Vivian Moore dinner presented by the Great Plains Heisey Club in October 2006. Attendance was excellent, with many people traveling great distances to participate.  All agreed that the Oak Hills Country Club provided a great venue and wonderful food for both the Friday and Saturday evening events.  All told, the event raised approximately $7,400 for HCA.  The raffle of three gift baskets raised $800 and the auction (the highlight of the evening) raised over $4,000. Excellent food, beautiful Heisey and good-spirited competitive bidding were the order of the day.  All the members of the club participated in planning the weekend and gave each other a round of applause for a job well done, particularly for John and Trudy Mock, who performed much of the heavy lifting with respect to logistics and coordinating with the venue.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved without reading. Tom Files, Treasurer, reported on the balance in our account and reminded everyone that it was once again time to pay our annual dues.

The topic of the day was Heisey vases and a fine selection was on display.  Each member discussed the examples they brought to share. Highlights included:  a straight Saturn vase in Zircon; #54 Daisy and Leaf 23" swung vase; #353 10" trumpet vase; Lariat four corner vase; Bamboo bud vase in moongleam; Joyce vases in both flamingo and moongleam; a Prison Stripe vase; and favor vases in all six colors.

Show and Tell, as always, provided a wide assortment of members' latest finds, bargains and conversation pieces.  Included were: Colonial crushed fruit; #5 puff jar with sterling lid; #465 1 lb. candy jar with a cutting; Whaley mug with Sportsman etch; Raindrop and Swirl console bowl in flamingo; Lariat 14" oval deviled egg platter; and a double marked knife rest.

The 50-50 auction followed. Offered for bid were: a set of 8 coarse rib bowls; #300 Peerless water jug; Mercury candle block with cutting; straight Saturn vase in crystal; and a Ridgeleigh two-light candle stick.

The meeting was adjourned.