Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


March 10, 2001

Thirteen members and two guests hoping Spring has finally arrived attended the March 10, 2001 meeting of the Great Plains Heisey Club at the Omaha, Nebraska home of John and Trudy . (The two guests, Margaret and Bill , joined the club after the meeting.

President Tom called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. The minutes of the November 11, 2000 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented. Dues for 2001 are due immediately as we need to certify our membership with HCA by May 1. Dues are $5.00 per member and can be paid to John or Mary.

Gregg and Mary are still working on the website (slowly), but Gregg assured the group that Mary would have it completed by the May 19 meeting.

The first three meetings were set for 2001. The May 19 meeting (which is the third Saturday so as not to interfere with Mother’s Day) will be held at the home of Shelby and Gary. The July 14 meeting will be help at the home of Marcie and Eric in Lincoln, Nebraska. On September 8 the meeting will be held at Rex and Pat's home in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

A request from the Dayton Area Heisey Study Club requesting a Blind Auction box for the 2001 HCA Convention was discussed. Rex and Pat offered a piece of Heisey as a donation for the blind auction box from the Great Plains Heisey Club. The generous donation was accepted and Tom will check on the arrangements for getting the glass to the convention. It was decided that next year, the Club members would consider options and decide at the March meeting if the Club would make donations to the Blind Auction or the Museum Shop or both.

In addition, it was decided to purchase $50.00 in snacks and chocolates native to the Plains states and donate them for the Hospitality Room at the 2001 HCA Convention. Elmer and Janice will take care of this. John and Trudy donated a Heisey ad and a Heisey muddler for a silent auction fund raiser.

The program on Heisey Glass between 1910 and 1919 was coordinated by Tom . Samples of patterns shared at the meeting were: a Puritan sherbet; a Flat Panel vase, sugar with cutting, and a crushed fruit; a Criss Cross nappy; an Urn syrup, creamer, and sherbet; a Colonial spooner; a Diamond Band covered butter dish; a Medium Flat Panel syrup, cruet, and covered sugar; a Pinwheel and Fan tumbler, pitcher, and basket; a Narrow Flute cracker or biscuit tray; a Wide Flat Panel covered candy; a Greek Key shot glass and quart pitcher; a Daisy and Leaves nappy; a Plain Panel pitcher; a Quator individual flamingo sugar and creamer and a hotel Quator sugar and creamer; a Revere square plate and French dressing; a Yeoman footed compote and lemon dish; a Nail square nappy; a Narrow Flute with Rim footed banana split; a Recessed Panel one-half pound candy; an Octagon with Rim etched relish; a Cross Lined Flute pitcher and tumbler; and a Tudor pitcher, relish and mustard.

The members rushed to see what had been brought for Show and Tell. Items shared were: an icer for shrimp with Heisey labels; a #1466 Star relish and a #1401 Empress mayo—both with Normandie etch; a Heisey salad fork and spoon; a syrup with a bird cutting; a Waldorf Astoria cruet; a #1184 Yeoman 8" bowtie candy; a #1485 Saturn mustard with the paddle attached; a #411 Tudor sugar shaker; a #1401 Empress Sahara 15 inch platter; a #1401 Empress Sahara mustard with spoon; a #1252 Twist Sahara mustard with a marked spoon; a Block Five candlestick; a #1255 Pineapple and Fan rose bowl; a #440 Facet ashtray; a #1235 Beaded Panel and Sunburst water bottle; a #411 Tudor footed floral bowl; a Sahara ball vase with etching; and a #1401 Empress Sahara footed tumbler and goblet.

The program for the May 19 meeting will be Heisey Glass patterns originating between 1920 and 1929, including patterns #406/7 Coarse Rib, #417 Double Rib and Panel, #1193 Inside Scallop, #419 Sussex, #1170 Pleat and Panel, #1229 Octagon, #1231 Ribbed Octagon, #500 Octagon, and #1252 Twist. In addition, the program will also include Heisey fakes, lookalikes, wannabees, etc. Tom Files will coordinate the program.

The meeting adjourned and members continued to "talk Heisey." The May 19 meeting will be at Gary and Shelby's home. Mary will send out directions and a notice about the meeting. Please remember to renew your membership.