Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


November 9, 2002

Spirits were running high on Saturday, November 9 when 23 members of the Great Plains Heisey Club and Northwoods Heisey Club met at the home of Gregg and Mary Cameron in Ames, Iowa.  Both clubs converged upon Central Iowa to attend the Collector’s Extravaganza at Veteran’s Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, November 8-10.

President Kathy Files welcomed four members of the Northwoods Heisey Club and asked Virginia Johnson to tell about their club.  They have 23 members and meet four times a year.  The program chairperson sets the agenda for the meetings.  They have an educational program at each meeting.  Virginia also shared information about the buttons that their club members wear.

The business meeting began late as President Files had trouble getting the members to focus on the business of the meeting rather than talking Heisey or to each other.  The minutes were approved as mailed to the members.  Treasurer John Mock was too busy buying Heisey to have a treasurer’s report but he did report we took in some, spent some, and had some left.  

Rex and Pat Lucke donated a Crystolite Master Swan nut and four individual swan nuts for the silent auction.

The March meeting will be held on March 29, 2003, and will be in the Kansas City area.  More details will be sent prior to the meeting.

Because the members wanted more time to visit with each other and the guests present from the Northwoods Club there was no formal program. Members shared a favorite piece of Heisey or Heisey they had purchased at the glass show or since our last meeting.  The table was heavily laden with Heisey glass and it was thought that another table would be needed as the boxes were unpacked for sharing.

Items shared included:  #461 Convex Circle strawholder or celery; #1567 Plantation roll footed mayo; #411 Tudor cigarette jar with ash tray top; #343 Sunburst vase; #5010 Symphone 1 oz. cordial with #503 Minuet etching; #1469 Ridgeleigh individual vase; # 2 Goose Wings Half; #1401 Empress Plate with Hawkes cutting and fish scale silver overlay; #1486 Coleport cigarette and ashtray set; #1503 Crystolite by Imperial candleblocks in ruby;  #1567 Plantation bowl; #4163 Whaley Jug with cutting; #1280 Winged Scroll trinket box in emerald; #1540 footed Lariat basket; #3381 Creole 2.5 oz wine in alexandrite; #1469 Ridgeleigh six inch square ash tray; #1567 Plantation three-lite candlestick; #1401 Empress cream and sugar in Alexandrite; #5063 Bantam Rooster cocktail; #1529 Balking Pony; #3362 Charter Oak pitcher in flamingo; #305 Punty and Diamond Point vase; #325 Pillows water jug; #1540 Lariat cologne; #150 Banded Flute 1 pint pitcher; #325 Pillows rose bowl; #150 Banded Flute horseradish; #433 Greek Key 9 ¾ inch shallow nappy; #3389 Duquesne 5 oz footed juice in Tangerine; #1184 Yeoman small bowl with navy enamel and leaf decorations; #357 Prison Stripe two-handled nappy; #1225 Plain Band comport; #473 Narrow Flute with rim comport with cutting; #1401 Empress  punch cup; #1245 Star and Zipper 10 inch nappy in emerald; #1201 Fandango footed jelly; #1201 Fandango 1 oz bar; #3380 Old Dominion stem in flamingo with Old Colony etch; #4044 New Era 8 inch plate with Sea Glade cutting; #1485 Saturn mustard with silver plate; #1205 Fancy Loop sherry; #1295 Beaded Swag spooner with gold; Minuet girl frosted; and the toy candlesticks: #30 Tom Thumb; #31 Jack-Be-Nimble; #5 Patrician  and #33 Skirted Panel.

The meeting adjourned and members continued visiting, headed for the glass show, headed home or stayed for dinner.