Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

Heisey Quiz Questions - Tom Files

1. This pattern is known as the official symbol of the Heisey Collectors of America.

2. In 1919, Heisey started producing "Visible Cooking Ware" but stopped when
sued by this company, the manufacturer of Pyrex.

3. This man joined Heisey in 1919, became its chemist in 1922, created most of the
company's colors, and remained with Heisey until 1956.

4. Uranium is an ingredient which helped create this Heisey color.

5. The name of the only Heisey pattern to have a toy table set.

6. This Heisey pattern combined glassware with varicolored Plascon handles.

7. This is the name of Heisey's "house organ" which was originally published
in the 1920's.

8. Provide 1 of the 2 original names for the Crystolite pattern.

9. This pattern name was reissued in 1952 after being introduced in 1941 as
Polka Dot and described as a "spot optic".

10. This popular Heisey pattern was initially called Gordian Knot.

11. The owner's last name of the house which became the first home for the
Heisey Museum.

12. The airline included in the name of the # 518 Lei plate etching.

13. The name of the 1949 movie starring James Stewart and Shelley Winters
which also is the name of Heisey's # 517 plate etching.

14. Eva Zeisal, Heisey designer, was born in this country in 1906.

15. Name the year: Construction began on the Panama Canal, the World's
Fair opened in St. Louis, and the Sunburst, Waldorf-
Astoria, and Priscilla patterns were introduced.

16. Name one of the two patterns generally considered to the first patterns
introduced by Heisey.

17. The color Amber went into production in 1926 as special order for this
restaurant chain.

18. The Athena pattern was produced exclusively for this Department Store.

19. Bacchus, Nimrod, and Nymph & Satyr are names of this process used
by Heisey to decorate glass.

20. This former engraver in the royal household of the Emperor of Austria
later produced Heisey's most famous cuttings.

1. Fandango, 2. Corning, 3. Emmett Olson, 4. Marigold, 5. #1225 Plain Band or Sawtooth Band, 6. Stanhope, 7. Table Talk, 8. Mahabar or Rajah, 9. Impromptu, 10. Lariat, 11. King, 12. Pan American, 13. Winchester, 14. Hungary, 15. 1904, 16. 1200-Cut Block/1201 Fandango, 17. Fred Harvey, 18. Montgomery Ward, 19. Carvings, 20. Emil Krall