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2006 Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Dinner Recap
By Kathy and Tom Files

he 2006 Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Dinner was held the weekend of October 20-21 in Omaha, NE. Rather than writing a story about the event, we thought we would share with you the journal we kept as the happenings unfolded.

Friday October 20, 2006: Wow! We're at a Percy Moore Dinner for the first time. (Or the PVM as our Great Plains Heisey Club sponsoring members labeled the event after many months of planning and discussing). Our drive to Omaha was short compared to some attendees but Omaha was easy to find. Phil and Sally Abrams of Charlotte, NC won the corn hat prize for traveling the greatest distance - we're glad we lost. We admit - we're worried. Our Club has worked hard to make this an enjoyable event and snow flurries are starting to fall. And if Nebraska's football team loses to Texas tomorrow, we understand the locals can get a bit cranky (they lost by 2 points on Saturday but they never got testy).

We found the Country Club for Friday's fun night. Our greeter was dressed in bib overalls and a red shirt but he was from NE so that explained the red stuff. Actually, he was John Mock, our host and M.C. The social hour provided a good time to see an old acquaintance, make a new Heisey friend or unwind with a cocktail. The host club reported we had over 70 registrants. We had great food - BBQ ribs and fried chicken - including real mashed potatoes and ice cream sundaes for dessert. Thanks to Deke, the executive chef, who came out for a deserved bow. A Family Feud style game was played by Heisey "experts". That hostess, Mary Cameron, sure knew all the answers. She said her helpers were Gregg Cameron and Tom Files and she blamed them for any problems. Gregg and Tom blamed Mary's participation in the cocktail hour. That was a great start to the raffle ticket sales for choice of three baskets filled with Heisey and other treats put together and donated by Marcie Bergquist and Crystal Lady Antiques. We also tried to guess the number of goldfish crackers in a wonderful Heisey Rose Bowl that Curator Walter Ludwig wanted. The event theme was "Swimming in Heisey" so the goldfish guess and our clothes with fish on them fit right in, including a purse adorned with fish.

Saturday A.M. October 21, 2006: We attended the excellent brunch hosted by our Great Plains Club members Pat and Rex Lucke at their beautiful home in suburban Elkhorn. Everyone was in awe over their collections of Heisey and other lovely items. Can't describe it all in this small space - hope it didn't take too long to clean up the drool left by the amazed and dazed guests. Thank you, Pat and Rex.

Saturday P.M. October 21, 2006: Back at the Oak Hills Clubhouse where everyone was friendly and treated us royally. Trudy Mock revealed her decorating theme with goldfish in bowls containing pieces of Heisey and tables adorned with fabric printed with happy fish. We viewed the auction items and planned on our bid amounts. The theme referred to fish but that beef medallion dinner topped by Lithuanian torte dessert was excellent. No typical banquet "rubber chicken" meal for this group thanks to Deke and his staff. We were serenaded during dinner by a ballad singer who even customized one song for us with a Heisey theme. Attendees received Heisey Journals as party favors - thank you Mary and Gregg Cameron for putting together that project. Great Plains club president Bucky Will surprised her mother, Jean Will (an HCA Board Member), with a family donation of $500 to HCA from Bucky and her 8 siblings on behalf of their mother and late father, John. Jean later returned the surprise to her kids by matching the donation amount. HCA certainly benefited from these Will family surprises.

Dick Marsh gave a recap memory of Percy Moore and some insights as to why this event is held each year. Ginny Marsh stood by with the hook but it wasn't required. Thank you Dick and Ginny. Odell Johnson also shared a memory of Percy. We were all so full and happy from the good food and company, we thought it was a complete evening. Nope. A spirited auction was held for some great Heisey and non-Heisey items. You had to be there to see the "original concept" Donkey in wood sell for $300 - sorry Royal Hickman. Wonder who got the "professionally repaired" Ridgeleigh coaster that sold for $75 - hope that duct tape holds. The "Crysto-light" soap dispenser sold for $100 - plastic lasts a long time - and it was triple marked. Get the trend? Great Plains member Glen Gall was kind enough to buy the box of rare? Heisey accidentally dropped by the clumsy clerk. Some very nice Heisey items donated by Great Plains club members were also auctioned including a Bonnet Basket with Cloister Cutting, four Seahorse Cocktails, a Bantam Rooster Cocktail, and a Mother Wood Duck to name a few of the pieces. It was a most unusual auction but it raised a nice sum of money for HCA.

Glen Gall was the winner of the goldfish guess contest and graciously gave his 50% of the winnings back to HCA. The goody basket winners were all pleased with their names being randomly selected in drawings. One basket winner, Nancy and Hugh McGreery, removed the two cut Duquesne stems from their basket and donated them to the auction effort - that brought in another $100. Russ Reopell and Odell and Virginia Johnson added items to the auction to help the cause after they arrived in Omaha. HCA President Bryan Baker brought and auctioned feasibility items from the Museum and they sold very well. Heisey folks really step up to help HCA. The Great Plains Heisey Club members were very generous with donations of glass and cash - 100% of their donations are going to HCA.

Almost too tired for the dealers mini show but we found some Heisey treasures we couldn't live without. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did - you always remember your first PVM.

P.S. The Great Plains Heisey Club Treasurer later advised the amount of money raised for HCA was:

Great Plains Auction $4,400
Goody Baskets Raffle $815
Goldfish Guess $230
Will Family Donations $1,000
HCA Feasibility Auction $870
Total to HCA $7,315

Way to go Great Plains members and all the attendees, buyers, bidders, and donators.