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Heisey Individual Creams and Sugars
Program for the Great Plains Heisey Club
Prepared and Presented by Tom Files on May 14, 2005

When the Heisey Co. started production of glassware in 1896, nice homes had parlors where guests were served tea and, later, coffee. So Heisey made vessels to contain cream and sugar in their very first patterns. They made the containers in various sizes and configurations to fill the needs of homemakers and the commercial market. The early major Heisey pattern lines imitating cut glass contained at least one style of cream and sugar - as did most major later patterns. Heisey continued to produce cream and sugar items right up into its final years. Many of the sets were produced to receive Heisey etchings and cuttings. Outside decorating companies often purchased Heisey cream and sugar blanks to apply their own decorations, etchings, cuttings, and stains.

Heisey also produced complementary items relating to cream and sugar:

  • Trays to place under certain sets
  • Sugar pourers/sifters
  • Stack/combination sets
  • One-half pint tankards
  • Domino sugar holders
  • Dice/loaf sugar trays with creamers
  • Containers for Equal, Sweet'n Low, and Coffee Mate (Just Kidding !! )

Heisey usually produced cream and sugar sets in three sizes they named Individual, Hotel, and Table. The Hotel size did not mean these sets were marketed to Hotels only. Instead, Heisey generally used these 3 descriptions in place of small, medium, and large. The Table size sets usually included spooners and covered butters.

Today's program will focus on individual sets although some specialty items have been included for comparison. Sometimes the individual sets are referred to incorrectly as child's sets or toy sets. The items will be presented in order of their first production year according to the Index of Heisey Glassware prepared by the Heisey Club of California in 1998. This order of presentation will enable you to see how styles changed based on the times and customer demand. The accompanying chart shows Pattern Names, Pattern Numbers, Production Years, Colors Produced, if Marked, and other size creams and sugars produced by Heisey. I have also included patterns containing pint tankards as these are usually considered "Individual" size.

The last Heisey pattern to contain an individual size cream and sugar is usually considered to be Waverly. The public evidently was moving away from the small, individual size sets toward larger sizes in later patterns such as Cabochon, Athena, Plantation, Saturn, and Zodiac to name a few. Much of the narrative to follow has been "borrowed" from a presentation made at the National Capital Heisey Club in February 2005.

*Heisey Individual Size Creams and Sugars Chart

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