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Kathy's Cranberry Salad

2 bags of fresh cranberries
Heat in microwave (covered) until berries are soft. (Doesn't take too long, maybe 6 to 8 mins.)
When berries are cooled add sugar to taste; think I used around 1 cup but maybe more

Add 1 tsp. cinnamon
1 - 8 oz. jar sweet orange marmalade

Before serving, add fresh orange sections (I used 2 small cans of mandarin orange sections)
2 chopped apples, unpeeled
2 bananas (I poured just a bit of fresh orange juice over the apples and bananas to prevent browning)
1 cup nuts that have been toasted and broken

Serve and enjoy.

Hope you like it -- some ingredients just have to be added and tasted to get what you like. I have used several varieties of apples and can't tell much difference. Keeps well, but if you want to serve it several days later, don't add the apples & bananas until last minute.