Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

Tom Files - Kansas City, Missouri

HCA Board of Directors, 2008-2012

Tom Files

Tom and his wife Kathy reside in Kansas City, Missouri and began collecting Heisey in 1978. Tom concentrated on creams and sugars while Kathy specialized in baskets and candlesticks. After accumulating a sizeable number of those items, they now buy what suits their fancy.

Tom holds a B.S. degree in accounting and is retired Director of Accounting from a major airline. He is a past board member of a large private school and the past treasurer of the sixth largest public school district in Missouri. Tom is a charter member and past President of the Great Plains Heisey Club and presently is the Treasurer. He frequently originates and presents programs for his study club. Tom has also developed Heisey programs and displays for various Midwest glass clubs. He was on the executive committee that produced the successful Percy Moore Weekend in 2006.

Tom feels HCA is facing challenges from declining membership and financial constraints. He pledges to work hard to help the board address those and other important issues.